Wierd and Strange Animal Facts (Saturdays)

  • The Blobfish is one of the strangest creatures of the ocean. Due to an absence of muscles, the fish rarely moves. (buzzle.com)

blobfish I have no words!

  • One of the most dangerous birds is the brightly colored Cassowary. These birds are very scary when bothered. They can deliver a kick that can slice through organs like a hot knife through butter! (buzzfeed.com)


  • The incredibly wierd Ocean Sunfish is the world’s biggest species of bony fish. They can weigh up to a whopping 2,000 pounds! (marinelife.about.com)


  • Dun dun dun dun! I guess the title of man-eating shark is correct! This is due to the fact that men account for about 90% of shark attack victims. (discovery.com)



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