Mythical Beasts and Strange Laws (Wednesdays)

  • One of the wierder mythical creatures is the Nuppeppo. The Nuppeppo is a strange blobby mound of living flesh. The creature originates from Japanese folklore and is harmless to humans. They generally settle in empty places like cemeteries and temples. Due to living in such bizarre places, it is said to have a very foul odor, similar to rotting flesh. The strangest thing about the Nuppeppo is that if you eat its flesh, you will be gifted with eternal youth. (


  • In Singapore, the production  of gum is outlawed. This is due to the copious  amount of it sticking  to cars and subways. (


  • No pinball wizard? In the state of South Carolina, you must be 18 or older to play a pinball machine. (

no pinballunder 18

  • These monsters are straight out of your nightmares! The incredibly scary pack of Blemmyes first was depicted in ancient Greece by historian Herodotus in 5th century BC. They resemble  a headless human figure with a pair of eyes and mouth located on their stomachs. They are cannibalistic and have been referenced in many pieces of modern litterature. (


  • This next creature is one that I’ve been dying to know the name of! The Gasha-dokuro is one awesome looking beast of Japanese folklore. It resembles a huge skeleton whose teeth chatter and bones rattle. They originally came from the corpses of dead soliders who didn’t receive a proper burial. This caused the bodies to reanimate as an angry and hungry spirit. They have a nasty habit of crushing or decapitating people warndering the streets late at night. It is impossible to kill a Gasha-dokuro and they will keep on living until their hatred stored up within their bodies has burned up. ( I think they have an uncanny resemblance to Titans from Attack On Titan.

titantitan    gasha gasha-dokuro



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