Phobias and Dreams (Tuesdays)

  • Chew Chew!  To see a Gumball Machine in your dream means that you are yearning for something or somebody to complete you. It can also be a sign of tuning in with your inner child. 

gumball machine

  • Mad Dance Skillz! To dream about a Disco Ball symbolizes your sunny and carefree atitude. (


  • Scary Stuff! To dream about a Ouija Board means that you are currently in a situation or relationship that is going downhill. (


  • Words Suck! This one is pretty sad! If you happen to have Bibliophobia, books are your worst enemy! (


  • I wanna hold your….. never mind! If you have Chirophobia, you can’t bare to think about giving someone a high five or handshake. You are totally frightened by hands! (


  • Barney the ahhhhhhhhh! If you are suffering from Porphyrophobia, the mixture of red and blue is traumatizing to you. (



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