Toys: The Wierd, Bizarre, and Anger Inducing (Mondays)

  • Monster Science Colossal Water Balls: Ah, the old water growing dinosaur things, they were already just okay and would’ve been all right if little kids didn’t drink the contents of the disturbingly named “growth powder”. This caused life-threatening episodes of vomiting and dehydration, and if that wasn’t the icing on the shock cake, the powder was impossible to X-ray and required SURGERY TO REMOVE! (Recalled) (


  • INSTANT UNICORN: Dive Sticks: These fun little waterproof chunks of plastic were a lot more deadly that they seem. They have had a nasty habit of impaling many kids. (Banned in 1999 and redesigned to be much safer) (


  • The CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit would have been a cool Junior Crime Investigation toy, however the finger print dust was 7% asbestos! (Dear god!) ( (Recalled) (!!&%#%!@*)&!#& WTF!)

csi)(   asbestos

  • Sky Dancers aka Flying lacerating machines. These death machines could be propelled though the air and gently land on the ground. However, the sharp skates did everything from knocking out teeth to causing blindness. (Recalled). (, and dangerdolan youtube channel)

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