More Film Facts (Mondays)

  • Miyazaki’s “Spirited Away”, was the only non- western movie to win an academy award for best-animated picture. (

spirited away

  • Fuck the documentary contains 857 uses of the “F” word. ( and


  • Cannibal Holocaust is well known for being the king of controversial movies. This is mainly due to the realistic gore and actual animal deaths. The movie caused such uproar that the director nearly got the death penalty. (


  • And the film that puts Cannibal Holocaust in the dust, Srđan Spasojević’s A Serbian Film. This is a mature blog, but I even I won’t go into any details. Let’s just say it was banned in Spain, Germany, Norway, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Singapore. It’s the closest thing we actually have to a real “Snuff” film. Watch if you dare, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. (

a serbian

  • Too much CGI: The cigarette smoked by Sigourney Weaver in the CGI movie, Avatar, is also CGI! (NME.COM)


  • Uggh! The original title of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was Head Cheese! ( Google what that is if you dare!


  • The ornaments that one of the Wet Bandits, Marv, stepped on in Home Alone are actually hard candy. (


  • The Disney movie, “Wreck It Ralph”, had 180 unique characters. (



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