Strange Laws and Mythology. (Wednesdays)

  • In Fort Thomas, Kentucky it’s illegal for dogs to “molest” cars. (Da Phuck?)(

dogcar  no

  • In Alabama incestuous marriages are legal. ( I’m not putting an image down for this one!
  • Mongolian Death Worm: The Mongolian Death Worm is an incredible unique beast that is said to live in the Gobi desert. It can be up to 3ft in length, has spike-like projections at both the head and tail, and is dark red in color. The native people call this creature olgoi-khorkhoi, which roughly translates to “large intestine worm.” It has many “creative” ways of killing various creatures. Much like the Red Spitting Cobra, the worm can spit a lethal stream of acid-like venom that can fell even the strongest of men. It also seems to be electrokinetic due to its ability to electrocute prey from a distance. (

mongoliaN DEATH

  • Machanu: Machanu is a Thai god that serves as a guardian of a lake in Patal. He is half man and half fish. He seems to be the gatekeeper of the underworld. He is in charge of passing souls into his realm. (

thai water god

  • Respect the Popo! In New Jersey it’s against the law to “frown” at a police officer. (


  • More misogyny oh joy! In Michigan, a woman isn’t even allowed to cut her own hair without her husband’s permission. (Women have equal rights to you know!) (


  • Kasa-Obake: The Kasa-Obake is a Japanese spirit that is also known as a Tsukumogami or inanimate object that comes to life. It takes the form of a Japanese parasol with 1 eye and a large mouth. (


  • Sagari: The Sagari is a truly weird and downright disturbing monster of Japanese mythology. It takes the form of a horse’s head and hangs from hackberry trees. They mainly drop down from the trees and scare the pants off of anyone unfortunate enough to come across them. It is said that those who hear a Sagari scream might catch a horrible fever. (


  • Xiezi: The Xiezi is a beautiful but terrifying creature of Chinese mythology. It resembles a Unicorn-Dragon hybrid that behaves in a way similar to Anubis the ancient Egyptian god of mummification. Like Anubis, the main task of the Xiezi is judgment. It can distinguish between good and evil as well as what’s right from what’s wrong. Xiezi can kill those unlucky enough to be considered evil by biting or goring. (



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