Toys: The Strange, Bizarre, and Downright Disturbing. (Mondays)

Warning this section might enrage you!

  • Yo-Yo Water Balls: These toys were a classic at various toyshops everywhere. Unfortunately, these toys could strangulate children if wrapped around the neck. (

yoyo water balls

  • Remember the old Aqua Dots? I’m guessing many of your do, but, I bet you didn’t know that they contained a substance, that when consumed could be used as a substitute Roofie! (Recalled and remade into a much safer model.) (

aqua dots

  • Aqua Leisure Baby Boats: This pisses me off to no end! You would think it’s just a nice little floating boat for infants, but no! These boats were torture devices! They could easily tear and you don’t need me to tell you what can happen. If that’s not enough to make you livid, this certainly will! The production company knew of this for 6 YEARS AND DID NOTHING! They were fined $650,000 and after fighting with the feds, it was eventually recalled for good. (

aqua leisure Let this picture say what I feel. goku pissed off

  • Buckyballs: The stress-reliving magnetic toy balls were quite fun to play with, unfortunately, these toys held a dark secret. If the Buckys were consumed they can stick to the intestinal walls and refuse to budge, leading to organ tears and blood poisoning. (You had ONE JOB! ONE JOB TO MAKE A SAFE TOY AND, YOU FAILED MISERBLY!) (Recalled) (


  • It isn’t suggestive at all! Clackers: Ah the gonads of death, I’m pretty sure many people have heard of this toy. However, it wasn’t just fun and games, these plastic nail bombs could shatter quite easily, and send deadly pieces of shrapnel into an unlucky kid’s face. (Recalled in 1985) (


  • DO YOU ENJOY DARTS?: Lawn Darts: There is a good freaking reason why these pointed objects were banned in the United States. Let me put this in an equation: Sharp Pointed Object+ Little Kid= Glass eyes or worse! (Banned in the United States on December 19, 1988) (

lawn darts


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